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Kanban – the Flow Strategy™

In Kanban – the Flow Strategy™, we offer you a straightforward guide that allows people in your organization to learn Kanban and get aligned on Kanban, a Kanban that does not lack support for other Kanban approaches. Let some pockets of your organization seamlessly port to more complicated approaches only if needed.
By building upon Kanban fundamentals, Kanban – the Flow Strategy™ can accommodate a spectrum of development and organizational challenges. Consider Kanban – the Flow Strategy as a reference model for Kanban in your organization.

Kanban the Flow Strategy™ provides the basic structure for Kanban, which the reader can augment using models such as Evidence Based Management, Cynefin Sense-Making, Theory of Constraints, and scaling/descaling.
We have our quirks, and we consider some things as optional that maybe you thought were mandatory.

Download the Guide for Kanban – the Flow Strategy™ here.

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